8 Best Experiences of the Crown of Maine
At the very top of New England is Maine's Aroostook County. We call it - The Crown of Maine.

This summer, escape the busyness of the season and come north! Relax in a place where roadways are quiet enough to bike and the views roll on endlessly spilling over the St. John Valley and into New Brunswick, Canada. In summer the blossoms of generationally owned farms collide with old growth conifer forests - The County is larger than the states of Rhode Island and Connecticut combined. Maine's Aroostook County invites you to unwind at waterfront escapes or legendary sporting camps.

No wonder Mainers refer to it simply as “The County.” Aroostook’s other nickname is “The Crown of Maine” because of the way it sits atop the rest of the state — and how the natural beauty shines like nowhere else. From friendly local folks to sumptuous restaurants, family owned Main Streets to breathtaking outdoor amenities, it is a peaceful borderland where time passes slowly.

The St. John Valley/Fish River National Scenic Byway

The St. John Valley/Fish River National Scenic Byway is Maine’s newest National Scenic Byway and combines the State’s first scenic byway (Fish River) and first cultural byway (St. John Valley) located in the Fish and St. John River valleys of Aroostook County. The byway travels 129 miles along the northern border of Maine and New Brunswick, Canada. This is a place of Acadian traditions where it is just as common to hear the French language as it is English. Small-town values and helpful, knowledgeable locals share with visitors a lasting impression and sense of place. READ MORE...

The Nation's newest National Scenic Byway is designated because of it's Acadian cultural heritage.

38 Road Biking Routes & US Bike Route 501

Biking through Maine can yield exciting adventures, beautiful landscapes, friendly faces, delicious food and cozy accommodations. Use Ride with GPS to find the best rides here on quiet roads. Imagine how amazing your adventure will be when you devote your vacation time to eating, drinking and riding! US Bike Route 501 follows the banks of the Penobscot River starting in Bangor and ending in Allagash, Maine where you will pass Aroostook State Park, Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, and Historic Market Square in Houlton, Maine. Mark your calendar for The Tour De La Vallee race through the St. John River Valley in August. READ MORE...

Rolling hills and quiet roadways make the region a destination for cyclists.

Spend Two Days ATVing the Trails of Northern Maine

There’s no place more thrilling to ATV a vast wilderness than Aroostook County. Come along on an epic two-day adventure through uninterrupted wilderness and over towering trestles. Aroostook County has more than 1,300 miles of marked trails waiting to be explored. The trails are lovingly maintained by local community sporting clubs and through partnerships with private landowners, so access is easy and connecting to other communities by trail is a breeze. Generally, the massive trail system opens for the season after Memorial Day. READ MORE...

1,300 miles of ATV trails make it the best trail system in New England. PC Aroostook Unmanned Ariel Services

16 of Our Very Best Festivals & Summer Events

Experience the people and culture that make this vast landscape warm and welcoming - from soaring above the patchwork of forests and fields in hot air balloons to competitively paddling to the finish line, The County is known for signature summer events. Don't miss the 20th Crown of Maine Balloon Festival in Presque Isle, Maine! READ MORE...

Take part in colorful traditions the whole family can experience.

Trout Fishing in the Crown of Maine

Imagine rocky granite with eddies, black spruce trees, and Canada Jay birds flitting along pristine streams, teeming with Native Maine brook trout. If this is your idea of heaven on earth, find the last true stronghold for Native Maine Brook Trout in Maine’s Aroostook County. Maine's Brook Trout are the jewel of the eastern range. READ MORE...

Anglers have the best opportunity to catch Arctic char and native Maine brook trout in  Aroostook County.

Come North this summer and experience a true Maine tradition; Sporting Camps

The heritage of sporting camps has been a tradition for avid sportsmen and women exploring the beauty of The North Maine Woods while seeking an escape from city life. Year after year, outdoor enthusiasts make the trek to The County, and for a good reason, people have been captivated for centuries by the seemingly untouched wilderness. That's why the stories from here are legendary. READ MORE...

Legendary Sporting camps have welcomed guests for generations.

Allagash Wilderness Waterway; A 92 Mile Paddling Adventure

The Allagash River and the lakes and ponds that adjoin it were once a distant, commercial highway through the faraway heart of Maine’s northwestern forest. Lumbermen cut and floated countless logs down its waters to market. Today, the Allagash carries something else: canoeists traveling the farthest reaches of the North Maine Woods seeking solitude and adventure. The Allagash Wilderness Waterway, established by the State of Maine and part of the National Wild and Scenic River System, is classic of Eastern paddling. Paddlers who take the entire route and spend a week on the water. READ MORE...

Get into the wild - a Registered Maine Guide ensures you experience it safely. PC Canoe the Wild

The Blossom Season of The County

Maine's Aroostook County is a vast and varied landscape; the blooms of summertime spread over fertile farmlands all season. In early June, the lupine blossom is a haze of lavender or purple against the early greens of spring - it is so plentiful in the region even the sides of Interstate 95 are covered. In mid-July, the potato farms are blanketed in white, pink, and purple potato blossoms on young vines. As July turns into August, Yellow sweeps through the canola fields as the 'Rapeseed' flower comes into season and its' thick blooms wave in the Aroostook breeze. At the end of the season, just before fall foliage colors, are the towering sunflower fields - the Town of Mapleton, Maine is the capital of Sunflowers here. READ MORE...

The Blossom Season of The County begins with May Lupine and continues to Potatoes Blossoms, Rapeseed, and on to August Sunflowers.

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