Hunting in The County
Hunting in The County

The combination of agricultural farm land and the vast areas of forest make for a uniquely fertile place for wildlife to live and flourish. The North Maine Woods is a hunters dream with 3.5 million acres of commercial forest land, generally open to hunting. For this reason Aroostook is home to big whitetail deer, massive black bears, and some of the largest moose in the lower 48 states. Ruffed grouse inhabit the entire region, as do coyotes snow shoe rabbits, bobcats, and may species of water fowl.

Wild turkeys have been making a comeback in Maine and they are spreading from the south with the strongest populations in southern Aroostook.

The Moose hunt is managed by the Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife by using a permit lottery and split season. Hunters receiving permits have achieved a historical success rate over 90 percent. A note of caution if you come to hunt moose, you need to be prepared to handle that much meat.

Although it is not required, hiring a Registered Maine Guide can make your hunting experience much more pleasurable.

For more information on hunting and trapping in Maine visit Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

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