Aroostook County is a sightseer’s delight. Imagine a trip to the Acadian Village, just outside of Van Buren. The Acadian Village is registered in the National Register of Historic Places in Washington D.C. and has been recognized as a Historic National Landmark. It is one of the largest historical sites in Maine.

A trip into the North Maine Woods to see the remnants of the lumber industry circa the early 1900s is always a treat. Locomotives were abandoned in the woods after lumber companies moved out or to different methods.

Aroostook County also has a thriving Amish community and it is common to see them working in the fields or driving their buggies down the road.

The second week in July is always a visual feast in Aroostook County. Potato fields will be bright white or pink as the potato blossoms bloom.

Wildlife watching is also popular, with moose viewing opportunities a plenty. Deer, lynx, fox and other animals are commonly seen, if you keep a close eye on the fields and edges of the forest.

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