Blossom Season - Lupine, Potato Blossoms, Rapeseed, & Sunflowers

Maine's Aroostook County is a vast and varied landscape; the blooms of summertime spread over fertile farmlands all season. In early June, the lupine blossom is a haze of lavender or purple against the early greens of spring - it is so plentiful in the region even the sides of Interstate 95 are covered. In mid-July, the potato farms are blanketed in white, pink, and purple potato blossoms on young vines. As July turns into August, Yellow sweeps through the canola fields as the 'Rapeseed' flower comes into season and its' thick blooms wave in the Aroostook breeze. At the end of the season, just before fall foliage colors, are the towering sunflower fields - the Town of Mapleton, Maine is the capital of Sunflowers here.

Wild Lupine

Blooms in Early June...

As the warm summer months approach, the wild lupines burst into bloom, painting the Maine landscape with an array of vibrant hues. Their tall and graceful stems reach up to three feet high, making these magnificent flowers a sight to behold.

Tall slender stacks of flowers are often deep purple and blue.

Our Favorite Spot to Punch in the GPS is: To witness these beautiful wildflowers' up close, the St. John Valley region's back roads and country lanes offer some of the most spectacular views. From Route 1 to Route 161, lupines dot the fields and meadows, making for an unforgettable journey.

The prolific lupines of Maine’s countryside are actually native to the West Coast and have only been here since the 1950s

Potato Blossoms

Blooms in Mid July...

Come mid-July, potato blossoms take center stage. These delicate white or pink flowers release a fragrant aroma that fills the air, attracting bees and other pollinators to the potato fields. As the blossoms fade, they are replaced by small green fruits that eventually grow into an Aroostook potato.

Potato blossoms last about three weeks - but each field blooms at a different time depending on when it was planted and hyper local weather conditions.

Our Favorite Spot to Punch in the GPS is: A drive along routes 163 and 164 will take you through countless potato farms, with acres of potato fields in bloom that stretch as far as the eye can see.

To experience the magic of this crop in person, the Maine Potato Blossom Festival in Fort Fairfield is a must-visit. This festival offers a range of events and activities that celebrate the beauty and significance of the potato crop to the region.

Maine grows 4% of the nations potato crop, but 94% of those spuds are grown right here in Aroostook County.

Rapeseed Flowers & Canola Fields

Blooms in Late July...

Rapeseed flowers and canola fields are a stunning sight, especially in full bloom. These crops create a mesmerizing sea of yellow that covers the hills and fields of Aroostook County.

Flowers are an essential crop in the region. They are harvested for their oil, and used in various products, from cooking oil to biodiesel fuel.

The slendar tender shoots of the rapeseed flower wave in the breeze

Our Favorite Spot to Punch in the GPS is: You can catch a glimpse of these stunning fields all over Aroostook County.

If you drive along Route 1A and Route 164 in Presque Isle, your eyes will be treated to expansive fields of vibrant yellow rapeseed flowers and canola fields.

Another great place to view fields is along Route 161 and Route 89, where the rolling hills of Caribou are dotted with the bright yellow flowers of the canola fields.

Farmers here plant rapeseed for the production of canola oil.

Tall Sunflowers

Blooms in Mid August...

As August approaches, the tall sunflowers bloom, reaching an impressive height of 10 feet tall with their bright yellow or orange blooms. Their towering height and cheerful appearance are a true sign of summer and will brighten any landscape, but the blooms don't last long (maybe two weeks)!

Farmers plant fields of sunflowers here as a both a crop rotation and for the harvest for bird seed.

Our Favorite Spot to Punch in the GPS is: 154 Caribou Road, Presque Isle and Mountain Road, Mars Hill are ablaze with sunflowers, making them prime locations to marvel at these towering beauties.

2023 FARMS

If you're looking for something to take home consider a bottle of sunflower oil from Black Bear Sunflower Oil. There are no sunflower at Buck Farms in Mapleton, Maine this year for 2023.

2022 Mapleton was the Sunflower Capitol of The County. Aroostook State Park is seen as the backdrop to this lovely photo.

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