Maine Total Solar Eclipse 2024

On April 8, 2024, the moon will completely cover the sun in parts of Maine for around 3 1/2 minutes in a total solar eclipse. Totality will be visible in parts of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

However the epicenter for the excitment is in Maine's Aroostook County as the path of totality is directly over Littleton & Monicello, Maine. The region has planned four days of festivals and activities that are fun for the whole family ranging from live music to Star Parks and viewing areas.

Presque Isle is the largest city in Maine's Arosotook County while Houlton is the County Seat. The two towns are 42 miles apart and about a 50 minute drive. The two towns are connected by the worlds secound largest solar system model as the sun is at the Northern Maine Museum of Science and the Planet Pluto is near the interstate exit of I95 in Houlton.

Driving Time to Houlton, Maine:

  • Bangor, Maine - 1 Hour, 40 Minutes
  • Portland, Maine - 3 Hours, 30 Minuts
  • Boston, Massachusetts - 5 Hours, 30 Minutes
  • Fly into Presque Isle International Airport

Star Parks & Viewing Areas

Viewing areas in Maine's Aroostook County are being designated as "Star Parks". These designated viewing areas have been identified as great spots to view the eclipse and offer safe parking, trash recepticals, and restroom facilities.

  • Submit a formal Star Park parking area : HERE
  • Submit a formal Eclipse 2024 event or promotion to the offical schedule: HERE

Houlton, Maine

View Houlton, Maine Eclipse Event Schedule

Time of totality 3:32 PM, will last 3 Minutes, 18 Seconds Eclipse begins at 2:20 PM, ends at 4:40 PM, sunsets 7:12 PM

Driving Directions

Houlton is on the exact center of the eclipse path and the last place to view it in the United States. Houlton, Maine has been declaired the best place to view the eclipse in all of Maine. THE END IS HERE: One of Houlton, Maine’s claims to fame is that it is ‘the end of I-95.’ On April 8, 2024, we will boast of another notable ‘ending,’ as the Great American Eclipse finishes its journey across the U.S. and crosses the border into Canada. Smack in the middle of the path of totality, Houlton will experience one of the longest periods of darkness in the state of Maine.

Events and Star Parks are in the planning stage. Planning began more than 2 years early for Solar Eclipse 2024, and the community is ready for you to come see what ‘the end’ is all about. We hope that you will join us and maybe you will learn our secret – Houlton is not really ‘the end,’ but the beginning of a new outlook.

Presque Isle, Maine

View Presque Isle, Maine Eclipse Event Schedule

Time of totality 3:33 PM, will last 2 Minutes, 49 seconds Eclipse begins at 2:30 PM, ends at 4:20 PM, sunsets 7:10 PM

Driving Directions

Presque Isle is the largest city in Aroostook County, Maine's gigantic, northernmost county. Home to the University of Maine at Presque Isle, the city’s weather is warm and humid in summer, cold and snowy (and favored by skiers and snowmobilers) in winter. There are many hotels available in this area.

Events and Star Parks are in the planning stage. While a drive to Presque Isle is beautiful, you can also fly into the Presque Isle International Airport on United Airlines or take the Cyr Bus Line that has stops in Presque Isle, Houlton, Sherman, Medway, Bangor, and Portland.

Caribou, Maine

View Caribou, Maine Eclipse Event Schedule

Time of totality 3:33 PM, will last 2 Minutes, 24 seconds Eclipse begins at 2:32 PM, ends at 4:18 PM, sunsets 7:09 PM

Driving Directions

Caribou is not only the most northeastern city in America but the second-largest city in Aroostook County. It has many things to offer: hiking, biking, running, walking, and ATV riding are just a few local hobbies. There are also two major trailheads where you can do all of these activities: The Aroostook Valley Trail and the Bangor & Aroostook Trail.

Events and Star Parks are in the planning stage. The City of Caribou is proud to host a number of Star Park viewing areas and events to celebrate the eclipse. A number of hotels and bed & breakfast style lodging is available in the City. The businesses and City of Caribou are planning events over several days leading up to the April 8th, 2024 Eclipse.

How an Eclipse Effects the Weather

Along with the weather being able to put a damper on seeing the eclipse, the eclipse itself may have four effects on the weather. With the sun’s light blocked from reaching the Earth during the total solar eclipse, the temperature can fall as much as 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

As the temperature drops, shallow clouds may dissipate because they require heat and moisture to sustain themselves — while deeper storm clouds will be affected less. The lower temperature can also cause the atmosphere to shrink and stabilize, which slows down winds.

In locations that are dry and warm, humidity can rise by 20% or more. Smaller differences can occur in already humid climates.

Lodging Information

It is estimated traditional lodging at hotels and motels will be at full occupancy. If a hotel in your destination area does not have vacancy it is suggested that traditional lodging can be found by contacting hotels north of Interstate I95 such as in Caribou, Portage, Washburn, Van Buren, Madawaska and Fort Kent.

It is not likely campgrounds will be widely available.

Viewing Glasses

Viewing Glasses will be available at all State of Maine Visitor Information Centers. It is estimated these will run out quickly and be free to the public.

Photo courtesy of KVUE ABC

Maine Weather During the 2024 Eclipse

Since the 2024 total solar eclipse will be in early April, make sure that you pack warm too. Temperatures average a low of 27 degrees and a high of 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It is very likely soft snowpack will still be on the ground and mud will be common. The shoulders of paved roads will likely be soft and it is advized not to park on the shoulder in case of sinking or saturated soils. Dirt roads will be soft which can cause a regular car to slide or become stuck. Paved roads and parking areas are expected to largely be cleared off in anticipation of the visitors to the region however it is expected some will venture off into more rural parts of the region and it is highly advized to be cautious of mud, snow, and heavy traffic. Respect landowner property and leave no trace.

Look Out for ME! Visit safely and respect private landowners

Public Transportation

Heavy road traffic is expected around the I95 corridor. Expect delays and watch for pedestrian traffic. Public transportation (modified school buses) are expected to be circulating in the Houlton and Presque Isle areas to move people around the Star Parks and viewing areas. Using this transportation will reduce traffic congestion. Due to the season of this event it is likely mud will be a danger on dirt roads and the shoulders of paved roadways could be soft causing cars to get stuck.

  • Fly
    • United Airlines is the only commercial air service to Maine's Aroostook County. They fly into Presque Isle International Airport twice daily with reliable service.
  • Bus
    • Cyr Bus Lines opperates in northern Maine. Since hubs of events are taking places in the downtown areas of Houlton and Presque Isle it is assumed a person may enjoy travel by bus to the region and walking or meeting friends in the region to enjoy events taking place.
  • Taxi
    • There are many taxi services available in both Houlton and Presque Isle, Maine. It is estimated it could be difficult to rely on taxi services during this large scale event.
  • Rideshare
    • Popular rideshare services do opperate in Houlton and Presque Isle, Maine. However there are very few drivers and during this event it is expected to be difficult to rely on.
  • Train
    • Passanger rail service does not exist in northern Maine.

Public Safety

Law Enforcement will be taken very seriously. Local police will work collaboratively with State Police and US Customs and Border Patrol to ensure public safety.

  • Expect Traffic Delays
  • There is an increased level of security to this rural area for this event
  • The US Border Patrol will enforce all laws
  • Maine Game Wardens Will be monitoring activity
  • Increased local and state police presence
  • Delays in boarder crossing is expected
  • Longer than normal wait times for dining and sit down service
  • Informational billboards are in place to direct traffic
    • respect detours around pedestrian heavy areas

Regional Planners & Direct Contacts

State of Maine Area

  • Chiara Mariconi
  • +1(207) 624-9809

Aroostook County Area

Houlton Area

Presque Isle Area

Caribou Area

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