Reviving the Forgotten Pine Tree Trail: A Unique Piece of Maine's History

Reviving the Forgotten Pine Tree Trail: A Unique Piece of Maine's History

Maine's Own Route 66

With 90% of the state covered in lush pine forests and towering evergreens, Maine is known for its scenic beauty.

But did you know that there's a 500-mile trail that spans nearly the entire length of the state?

The Pine Tree Trail covers 500 miles of paved roadway that winds through white pine forests, flowering potato fields, and traditional New England small towns, offering visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the state's natural beauty while discovering its rich history.

The Forgotten Trail

The Pine Tree Trail was designated by the Maine State Legislature in 1937 to promote tourism and bring in revenue to the state after the Great Depression. Unfortunately, with the disruption of World War II and new road planning after that, the trail was forgotten for over 70 years. It wasn't until 2012, when an old rusty embossed road sign was discovered by Nathan Nipula, reading "Pine Tree Trail" with an evergreen tree in the center, that the trail was rediscovered.

The Experience

Since then, the Pine Tree Trail Project has become a community effort to revive the trail and bring back route recognition via road signs and travel maps. The project aims to showcase what Maine's Pine Tree Trail offers and encourage visitors to enjoy authentic Maine experiences off the beaten path.

When you explore the Pine Tree Trail, you'll discover an extraordinary connection between Maine's rocky coastline, its highest peak Mt Katahdin, and the expansive Aroostook County. This remarkable trail showcases stunning views and presents a delightful array of quirky roadside attractions, including Madawaska’s Four Corners Park, Fort Kent and Fort Fairfield’s Blockhouses, Houlton’s Boy and the Boot, Van Buren’s Maine Tribute Moose, and the massive 13’ loon in the town of Lincoln.

From the charming towns that dot the route to the awe-inspiring natural wonders that adorn the landscape, the Pine Tree Trail promises an unforgettable exploration of Maine's past and present.

A New Way to Explore the Pine Tree State

The Pine Tree Trail allows you to venture away from bustling, congested areas and onto the tranquil embrace of rural scenic roads. The trail offers respite from the hectic pace of modern life, allowing you to immerse yourself in the genuine, unspoiled treasures that define this remarkable region. Meandering along this picturesque route, you'll witness the true essence of authentic Maine.

Whether you prefer to travel by car, motorcycle, or bicycle, the trail is ready when you are. With new road signs and travel maps in place, it's easier to navigate the trail and discover all it has to offer.

The Pine Tree Trail is a must-visit for travelers seeking a unique adventure perfect for a family road trip. By exploring the trail, you'll experience Maine's natural beauty and discover a forgotten piece of its history that has been revived for your enjoyment. Don't miss out on this opportunity to immerse yourself in Pine Tree State's rich history and breathtaking natural wonders.

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