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My love for the outdoors grew into a passion for big-game hunting and delivering world class guiding services in four of the best hunting locations east of the Mississippi. Come hunt with OMM for a trophy Maine Moose or black bear, Maine sea ducks, a dream Kentucky elk, a tail slapping Florida Alligator, an elusive trophy New Brunswick Whitetail. Plus, Eastern & Osceola turkeys, grouse, woodcock, geese, quail, and even exotics.

Your hunt is in good hands with OMM’s professional guides. We are equipped and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. OMM guides work hard to produce once-in-a-lifetime hunts for clients traveling as far away as New Zealand. Attention to detail, quality food and accommodations, professionalism, and determination will leave you wanting more.

Call today to reserve your adventure. 207-444-7529.

Nathan Theriault

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