Bradford Birding in the North Maine Woods

June 6,7,8 at Bradford Camps on Munsungan Lake in the Heart of the North Maine Woods.  Guided by Ronald Joseph, professional birder. 

Lodging and all meals included.


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June 6, 7, 8  2017

We are excited to offer our second bird watching trip this spring!    We will be hosting the well-known Ronald Joseph to lead our group through various forest types in search of the many species that nest and that fly through our boreal North Maine Woods.  We have access to the REED PRESERVE, the largest old growth forest in New England.  The sheer size of our woods offer a unique opportunity to see and hear some rare species, as well as hosts of the more abundant species.

 A list of what can be seen here include:

Gray Jay,  Boreal Chickadee,  Olive-sided Flycatcher,  Yellow-bellied Flycatcher,  Fox Sparrow (singing),  Lincoln's Sparrow,  Spruce Grouse,  Saw Whet Owl (singing),  Black-backed Woodpecker,  Three-toed Woodpecker,  Evening Grosbeak,  Cape May Warbler,  Tennessee Warbler,  Bay-breasted Warbler,  Mourning Warbler,  ...
along with about 18 other species of warblers.
[These are not guaranteed species (of course) but the opportunity is there.]

Types of forest we will explore are boreal swamp, freshwater grassy estuary, spruce-fir, early hardwood successional growth, boreal rain forest, expansive old growth, and cut edge habitat.

Cost for the three night stay, including all meals and leadership of Ron Joseph, and also including a floatplane flight into Reed Pond, is $650* per person, plus 9% taxes and 15% suggested tip.  This price is based on double occupancy or shared bedrooms.  The larger cabins have two bedrooms and shared bath.