Winter Memories in The County

Winter Memories in The County

Guest Blogger: Jay Kamm

There are many outdoor winter activities in Aroostook County and ice fishing is one of our favorites.  My wife and I were fortunate that both of our sons grew up loving the outdoors and the opportunity that the County’s lakes and forests offer. When asked to take my youngest son’s girlfriend ice fishing, I jumped at the chance.  It is always a rewarding experience to take someone new to Aroostook County to go ice fishing, and have them experience the activity and region we hold so dearly. Emma wanted to catch a salmon and a togue (lake trout) as she had never caught either. We decided to fish a lake that had both species in hopes to fulfill her goal.

It was a perfect ice fishing day, not so cold and no snow showers in the horizon. Arriving early, we loaded our gear into the Jetsled and snowmobiled to a spot about 4 miles from the landing.  Drilling through approximately 24 inches of ice, we were set up in short order and waiting for that first flag of the day.  Emma remarked that the lake did not have many camps and there were not many snowmobiles riding across the lake. She indicated that the peace and quiet was a welcomed change from the area she lives.

A short time later, we noticed that a flag was up. We walked over and noticed that all of the line was gone from the spool, the sign of a good fish.  She fought the fish for a while and my son landed it for her. Emma asked if that was an “average” sized fish. “UMMM…yes it is” we said with a grin.

We took a quick picture and released the togue in hopes that someone else would have the opportunity to catch it.  Soon after, she caught her first salmon. All in all, what a great day on a lake in Aroostook County.