Tante Blanch Museum & Acadian Landing of Madawaska, Maine

Tante Blanch Museum & Acadian Landing of Madawaska, Maine

The Tante Blanch Museum & Acadian Landing in Aroostook County, Maine

Aroostook County, located in Maine’s northwest corner, offers plenty of scenic and historic stops to add to your itinerary along the St. John Valley/Fish River National Scenic Byway. Take advantage of the winding roads through wooded areas as you make your way toward Tante Blanch Museum/Acadian Landing in Caribou, Maine.

What to Expect

The Acadian Landing commemorates the first settlers of the region with a 14-foot marble cross that represents the first cross ever erected in 1785. The location is also home to The Tante Blanch Museum, the Fred Albert House,

Who was Tante Blanch?

Marguerite Blanche, also known as Tante Blanch was a French-Acadian woman that became a savior to 30 families during a famine in 1797. At that time the settlers underwent a two-year period of flooding and an early frost and food were in short supply. During that time it is said that Tante Blanch went door-to-door delivering baskets of food, and clothing and provided prayers to those in need.

The Madawaska Historical Society’s museum is located in a 1970s log building named for Tante Blanche. There are collections of artifacts related to Acadian textile and home furnishing.

More to See

Along with the Acadian Landing Site and the Tante Blanche Museum, two additional historical buildings are located on-site, a circa 1870 schoolhouse and the Fred Albert House.