Summer Trip to The County

Summer Trip to The County

Guest Blogger: Melissa Page

The summer of 2012 - after I purchased my Harley – I made a trip to the county.  A woman biker – all alone.  It was my first solo trip – and I couldn’t have chosen a better destination.  

It was a beautiful day in July.  Warm, but not too warm.  The sun was high in the beautiful, blue sky that my grandmother always bragged was exclusive to Maine.  More than anything – I felt safe!  Being a woman biker and alone – you can feel very vulnerable.  Anywhere I stopped – people were friendly and engaging.

I knew it was going to be a long day - a daytrip from Auburn, Maine to Fort Kent and home again.  I chose back roads all the way, starting at 7 a.m.  Once I hit the county, I took Route 11.  It had just been paved – so, I was enjoying a great road, steady speed and long, rolling hills nestled in beautiful forests.  It was important to watch for wildlife – as I knew that moose were plentiful.  Thankfully – they were nowhere to be seen that day.  Not an animal that you want to encounter on two wheels – or four for that matter!

I first entered Fort Kent – and continued on Route 1 to Madawaska.  As a motorcyclist – it was imperative that I stop at the Four Corners Park.  The park is a great destination and well worth the ride.  You can’t miss the opportunity to stop for a Harley Davidson trinket at Plourde’s Harley Davidson.  They are friendly and quick to support you in your adventure.

Heading south on Route 1 was not disappointing!  The roads were wide and you had great visibility.  The potato fields were in bloom and a gorgeous sight!  The farm land was spectacular – and I was mystified to see models of planets on the side of the road sporadically.  Apparently it was a project that was built by the people of the Aroostook County and University of Maine at Presque Isle to illustrate the distance between the planets at a scale of 1:93,000,000.  

I didn’t make it home until 11 p.m. that night.  And, my Street Glide was covered with bugs – but the time it took to clean the black flies off my fairing was nothing in comparison to the great memories that I retain of that day!  I’m proud to say that I rode over 700 miles that day.  

Just me and my bike – and the open hospitality of the County!