Discover the St. John River: A Scenic Byway You'll Love

Discover the St. John River: A Scenic Byway You'll Love

If you’re looking to have an unforgettable vacation, look no further than the St. John River/Fish River National Scenic Byway in New Brunswick, Canada! This scenic route includes beautiful views of the river, historic attractions, and activities galore! The drive takes you along US Route 1 as you cross over into New Brunswick from Maine, passing beautiful vistas as you go. Stop number 4 on this road trip of a lifetime is Wolastoq/St. John River.


Translating to “beautiful and bountiful river,” from the Mi'kmaq word 'Wolastoq' the St. John River is the second-largest river in Eastern Canada, serving as a borderline between two different countries. The Wolastoq River extends 700 kilometers from the headwaters in Québec and northern Maine to its mouth at Saint John Harbour, Bay of Fundy. The majority of the river is located in the province of New Brunswick, eastern Canada, the watershed represents the traditional territory of this indigenous group - one of many who lived off this fertile surrounding land.

World class muskie fishing takes place all year long, but the International Muskie Derby takes place each summer.

Outdoor Activities

Once upon a time, it was a key passage for travel and communication with Quebec; but now it's home to some of the best muskie fishing spots and canoeing routes around North America. Rent a boat and explore all the river has to offer or hike along the rivers