Allagash Historical Society Museum: A Hidden Gem on the St. John River

Allagash Historical Society Museum: A Hidden Gem on the St. John River

The Allagash Historical Society Museum, located in the heart of Allagash, Maine, holds a diverse collection of artifacts that help to tell the story of this northern community and the Allagash region. From local artifacts to historical war memorabilia to Inuit items from across the border in Canada, it’s not hard to see why the museum has become one of the most popular attractions in town and is nestled on the banks of the St. John River.

Gateway to Adventure Beyond the Byway

Surrounded by beautiful forestlands, the Allagash Wilderness Waterway or the AWW is a natural waterway that flows through Northern Maine for 92.5 miles until it meets its final destination; the Town of Allagash. Providing protection from overdevelopment and pollution, this breathtaking part of nature offers an escape from daily life to those who travel there.

AWW has one-of-a-kind adventure opportunities like off-grid camping, fishing, multi-day canoe trips and so much more. Be sure to visit the State of Maine website for the latest information on conditions and up-to-date advisories.

Browse the museum and stop in for programming.

Maine Heritage

As a result of the tireless efforts by Senator Edmund Muskie, on July 19th, 1970 - the Allagash River became one of America's first National Wild and Scenic Rivers. It also means that it is an unspoiled gem for just anyone to visit. As beautiful as it looks from afar; there are now way too many visible threats to its original wildness as well as its serenity such as roads, parking lots, boat launches etc., all doing more than threatening its delicate state.

Now a protected area, it abuts working Maine forests. The people here are hardy and love adventure just as much as those who visit the region