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If you haven’t found that one thing to bring you to Aroostook County yet, let us offer you a few other suggestions.

If bird watching is your passion, Aroostook County provides ample open ground consisting of clear cuts and farmland. Its well-watered landscape, with thousands of lakes, rivers and streams are prime wildlife habitat. The abundance of food and large tracts of habitat support a high density of breeding birds, including many Neotropical migrants. Warblers are the region's premier attraction for many as Northern Maine serves as home to twelve to fifteen different species. In addition to warblers, some characteristic birds of this region include common loon, northern goshawk, yellow-bellied and olive-sided flycatchers, red-breasted nuthatch, winter wren, hermit and Swainson's thrushes, rusty blackbird, white-throated and Lincoln's sparrows, purple finch, white-winged crossbill, and evening grosbeak.

If you are a duffer or a one handicapper, prepare to be amazed by the quality of the golf experience you will receive in the County. One of the best kept golfing secrets in the State of Maine, imagine a place where you could play a different golf course every day for over a week, never make a tee time, and enjoy prices that won't break the bank. I am talking about the Crown of Maine from Island Falls to Fort Kent, home to eleven different courses that are all open to the public.

Caving or spelunking is definitely not a sport for those prone to claustrophobia. It is, on the other hand, a fantastic sport for the adventurous explorer. Though caves have long been utilized for various functions such as storage or scientific study (speleology), as a recreational pursuit, caving is relatively new. This newness lends itself to an excitement among skilled cavers, some of whom may be the discoverers of previously unexplored underground systems.

Or if agriculture is in your blood, ten percent of Aroostook County is tillable farmland and when
you consider that the County is larger than Connecticut and Rhode Island combined, you understand how important agriculture is to the region. The primary crop continues to be the potato, however broccoli, canola and grains are all planted in large amounts annually, resulting in some of the most beautiful patchwork landscapes you will ever see. If you see someone working a farm stop and say "Hi," you won't believe how friendly the people are. In the fall you can see some fields being harvested by the most modern equipment available and other fields harvested using horse drawn equipment. Can you imagine a place that the public schools systems close each fall so the children
can work in the potato harvest? You don't have to, it happens here.

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